Tracedata is a group of experienced Information Technology Professionals. We specialize in helping businesses with their Information strategies, Information technology architecture, and developing internal policies and procedures. We are able to match your business goals and needs with the Information Technology necessary to meet your requirements. "A computer company is only as good as it's employees and you have proven without a doubt that the challenges and problems were by no means insurmountable."

Designing and implementing an efficient network requires coordination and foresight. Building a network requires us to design around your business requirements, choose the most appropriate hardware and fit all of the components into place. Switches, routers, firewalls and servers all have to be integrated to ensure a smooth operation.

Tracedata helps define business requirements for new applications, defines the economics of a new system, and provides Information Technology direction migration and consolidation requirements. We help to define the application(s) that will best meet the needs of a business, define the resources needed to implement the application, and define the requirements to get the application into production. We can help plan and control projects in order to make an implementation successful. This can start with the project inception stage with research into the possible solutions, or it can be strictly the implementation of a well-defined projec.

Tracedata reviews a customer's existing environment and recommends improvements in the Network, Wide area network, Storage area network, Backup devices, Server consolidations, Security, Internet access, Server room environmental controls, operating system decisions, and hardware specifications. This can include interfacing with manufacturers of hardware, operating systems and services.

Tracedata takes advantage of the purchasing power of its large client base and partnerships with vendors to fulfill all hardware and software requirements from consumables to Enterprise Class computing solutions. We can assist at all levels, from the evaluation of alternative solutions through to the physical delivery of the right product at the right time. Our team then follows up with all after-sales support to look after any technical issues customers may encounter.

Providing customers with technical support is a must for any company. Tracedata offers a wide variety of troubleshooting options including on-site support. Technicians are always available, not only to fix network issues but also to pass on techniques and recommendations on how to maximize network efficiency. Every support call or email goes through a response ladder to ensure action is taken in a timely fashion.